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Now You Can Afford to Experiment

Have you ever tried on a pair of glasses and thought “This pair makes me look like ______.” That’s the insight that Arnold Worldwide captured for Pearle Vision. A change in this small accessory can make you feel like a new person, whether that be “Mr. Responsible,” “Naughty Librarian,” or “Dr. Smarty Pants.”

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As a glasses wearer, I love this campaign. I have two pairs of glasses, and I carefully choose which pair to wear depending on my look for the day. The idea is simple and execution, but it allows Pearle Vision to connect with their target audience. I give Arnold a thumbs up.


The Perfect Combo

Arnold was recently recognized for a few successful print campaigns, one of which was Reese’s. According to a study by VISTA, the Reese’s print campaign had a gross ad recall audience of almost 457 million consumers. Not only that, but Arnold is able to go back to their client with the following statement: “71% of readers reported that they took action as a direct result of the campaign.” Wow. That’s impressive. So how did they get those results? Let’s take a look.

First, the design is simple, highlighting the product, and catching the reader’s attention with the colors. The headlines are short and simple, but they all center around one concept: Reese’s is the perfect snack. The headlines basically say that Reese’s are a masterly crafted combination of chocolate and peanut butter flavors, and that’s followed up by the tagline: Reese’s Perfect. The ads are short, slightly edgy, simple and definitely effective. Once again, Arnold has proved that Great Work Works.

Meet the Messenger

This Halloween, I saw at least 3 people dressed as Flo. She’s obviously climbing the ranks as one of the most well-known brand mascots…

Love her or hate her, everyone knows her classic bump-it, slightly over-sized name tag and her intense enthusiasm for good insurance. So why does this matter? She’s memorable. And of course, Flo and Progressive go hand-in-hand. People are becoming more aware of the Progressive brand. As more and more people fall in love with Flo, brand attitudes towards Progressive¬† are improving. Progressive was increasingly seen as a creative/imaginative company that cares for their customers and makes insurance processes easier. (

I’d say that Flo and the Progressive commercials are a success, but Arnold is taking Progressive’s brand to the next level: Flo has a partner! Meet the Messenger:

Will the messenger have as many fans as Flo? Only time will tell…

Great Work Works

As a business person, I naturally think in ROI. I even told my friend the other day that I got a great return on investment for my $15 spent at a networking event… Yes, I’m that much of a business nerd.

Perhaps that’s one reason why I like Arnold. They understand business people, and they get ROI.

Arnold’s slogan is “Great Work Works.” Let’s analyze this statement a bit more: Great work works. “The criteria for great work is that it produces results.” This shouts understanding. Arnold knows that their clients look for results, so they promise results (whether that be sales, awareness, stronger brand, etc).

Looking at this from an advertising perspective, I think it’s genius. Arnold used their advertising know-how to create the perfect agency brand. They did their research and found a piece of insight that tells the consumer “we get you. We know what your wants/needs, and we’ll satisfy them.” They created a smart brand for themselves and consequently promise that they’ll apply the same good thinking to their clients’ brands. Arnold’s slogan is not full of empty promises: They’ve increased Amtrak’s ridership and ticket sales year after year, made Jack Daniel’s a global brand with sales up 122% over the last decade, and made Ocean Spray and industry leader, just to name a few successes.

What’s the result of Arnold’s branding? Arnold gained 18 new accounts in year 2010. I’d say that that is great work that works.