Great Work Works

As a business person, I naturally think in ROI. I even told my friend the other day that I got a great return on investment for my $15 spent at a networking event… Yes, I’m that much of a business nerd.

Perhaps that’s one reason why I like Arnold. They understand business people, and they get ROI.

Arnold’s slogan is “Great Work Works.” Let’s analyze this statement a bit more: Great work works. “The criteria for great work is that it produces results.” This shouts understanding. Arnold knows that their clients look for results, so they promise results (whether that be sales, awareness, stronger brand, etc).

Looking at this from an advertising perspective, I think it’s genius. Arnold used their advertising know-how to create the perfect agency brand. They did their research and found a piece of insight that tells the consumer “we get you. We know what your wants/needs, and we’ll satisfy them.” They created a smart brand for themselves and consequently promise that they’ll apply the same good thinking to their clients’ brands. Arnold’s slogan is not full of empty promises: They’ve increased Amtrak’s ridership and ticket sales year after year, made Jack Daniel’s a global brand with sales up 122% over the last decade, and made Ocean Spray and industry leader, just to name a few successes.

What’s the result of Arnold’s branding? Arnold gained 18 new accounts in year 2010. I’d say that that is great work that works.


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