“We should think about this, I think”

Want to some wonderfully executed “slice of life” ads? Click here Now, let’s think about them.

To promote Titleist’s new NXT golf balls, Arnold decided to shy away from the typical professional golfer vignette ads and use the image of typical consumers. Why did Arnold go this direction, and why are the ads effective? I would say it’s the realism.

The actors and the dialogue are believable.  The competition between the two characters is entertaining and will likely connect with consumers. The production also adds to the commercial. It’s shot with the hand-held camera style, similar the to TV show “The Office,” so you can truly imagine that this is simply a part of the characters’ everyday golf life.

While all of that is important, Arnold impressed me in a different way. Arnold’s greatest accomplishment with these commercials is that they manage to include the product features without losing their audience. Bravo, Arnold. This is one part where many commercials fail, but you pulled it off.


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