Label Stories

Jack Daniel’s Label Stories: I love these ads. Perfectly executed. The voice used, the colors (or lack thereof), and the general graphical feel are perfect for Jack Daniel’s. And the creative is genius.

The Jack Daniel’s label is iconic. Everyone knows the label, but do they know what it means? Arnold’s Label Stories bring the label to life in a way that adds value.

Every detail of these ads were well thought out (Apparently just like the Jack Daniel’s Label). Every ad starts with the label, and ends with the bottle, coming full circle. The ads are completely in black and white like the label, and the swirls from the bottle are incorporated into the ads. The voice is of a man that you can imagine being very tough, rugged and knowledgable, going well with the Jack Daniel’s brand.

I’m not a whiskey drinker, but these ads still drew me in. I wanted to know more and learn more about the label. That’s powerful, and it’s amazing how much a few short commercials can impact your appreciation for a brand. Good job, Arnold. You’ve done it again.


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