The big idea

Arnold brought a new meaning to “go big or go home” for their client, Carnival Cruise lines. Their concept was to create the world’s largest _____ (fill in the blank with a fun object). Arnold broke two world records: Largest Beach Ball, and Largest Pinata. This was a smart concept for multiple reasons. First, Carnival wants to own the word fun, and beyond that, exotic/vacation fun. Pinatas and Beach Balls are undoubtedly objects that would remind people of Mexico and beach vacations. Secondly, Arnold can get a lot out of this idea. Carnival gets PR impressions, footage for a commercial and semi-permanent exposure. Magazines ads live for a few weeks or months, TV for the length of the campaign, newspaper for a day, and world records for… until someone else breaks it. This non-traditional campaign was definitely unexpected and attention-grabbing.

Commercials were created to go along with the records, and I’d say they were produced well. People know they are for Carnival because of the same production characteristics – like the background music, the ending, and the same type of slow-motion excitement. I think this campaign was good work, and I’d say it works.


One response to “The big idea”

  1. jeanmariegrow says :

    Nice commentary here and throughout your blog.

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