Straight from the Bog

Ocean Spray. A prime example of complete branding.

To start, let’s explain Ocean Spray as a company. Ocean Spray is owned by North American cranberry and grapefruit growers. The headquarters in Massachusetts is right near real operating cranberry bogs. What does this all mean? Cranberry growing and a “grassroots” idea is in their culture. Arnold saw this and decided to share it with the public.

The Straight from the Bog campaign is all about “real” growers. Actors are used to show the bogs and roots from where the juice comes. They did this with TV commercials, print ads, a website and a promotions campaign ( In short, Arnold picked their message and tightly followed it in every tactic, making for a strong campaign.

The growing community is important to ocean spray, and Arnold made it visible to the public. Ocean Spray as a company became more personal. The growers are so well connected to the corporate identity, the campaign was a success: Ocean Spray now sees 14% growth in a declining industry.

They also took the bog on tour (

Also perfect to the current juice market. More and more so, people want to know where their food is coming from. If Ocean Spray can leverage the strength that transparency of their processes will provide: making the juice more personable, and showing the natural growing and production processes.


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