Time for revival

I know, I know. I haven’t posted in months. Well, truth is, I kind of abandoned this blog. I did what any typical college student would do: I graduated and thought “I’m free! No more classes!” and kind of ditched everything that came with.

Being a few months out, I’ve realized that that’s the last thing I want to do. This blog was originally created for a class, and although I more or less “had to” (for a grade), I’ve realized that it provided a much greater benefit. It kept me thinking and analyzing, and just as importantly, it kept me engrossed in the marketing and advertising world.

Although I am no longer in class, I don’t want to stop those marketing wheels inside my head from turning, and I don’t want to lose touch with my passion. That is why I’ve made the choice to revive this blog. Please stay tuned for posts, as you’ll be seeing more in the future.


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