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Halloween proves it – Advertising is powerful!

Here’s one thing I don’t understand: Why do businesses cut advertising so easily when cutting expenses? Sure, there are other business functions that are needed, but advertising is powerful, and a cut of marketing/advertising shouldn’t be taken lightly.

My Halloween experience was one example. This year, I was a gnome. That’s right, a red hat, blue shirt, bearded gnome. That would be your typical image of a gnome, right? (at least I thought so).

Now get this, advertising has had such amazing power on consumers that about 25% of the guesses on my costume were, I quote, “Travelocity!” (the rest guessed a smurf, Santa Claus or correctly guessed a gnome).

Now, that’s just a rough estimate, but think of what that means? Travelocity has had such a strong advertising campaign that when someone sees a gnome, they immediately think of Travelocity and it’s roaming gnome. Same goes for those golden arches, or the red umbrella, or the “snap crackle pop” sound of that very famous cereal.

Advertising creates a brand, influences consumer perceptions and can ultimately (if done right), generate mind share and drive demand. That’s power, and that’s irreplaceable.